cpu high usage. when in facebook. hp has helped me 3 times paid $99 and it is still doing it. help it driving me nuts
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  1. Spend more than 10 seconds writing your question and you'll probably get a faster and better quality response.


    Are you using FireFox?
    Open task manager - what is using your CPU's resources?
  2. As long as your PC is not locking up, and works ok, you can't be obsessing over 'why is my CPU or one of it's cores at 100% useage when at any particular website'....

    Facebook is a near constant stream of content with near real time constant updates, is not a static website that is loaded and 'done'...

    Possibly much ado about nothing, we will hope...
  3. As a frame of reference, my single core AThlon 64/3500+ shows only 2-3% useage when at FB; perhaps you have some goofy Farmville or Fishville app running? :)
  4. I asked if they're running FireFox because as much as everyone seems to love it, there is (or was) a huge bug where it randomly corrupts itself and runs at 100% after a few minutes of use. Only way to fix is reinstall. Facebook - even as a large and constantly refreshing website - doesn't (or shouldn't) use any more CPU than a normal website.

    Give us a bit more information grandmasjoys and we'll be able to help.
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