How Many lights is on your build?

Thinking of adding three more fans along the top of my Corsair 800D case Thinking of going with a blue LED

I'm just wondering if three of these along the top of my case would be too bright, I'm going for kind of a warm glow rather than a blinding flash. So to anyone who has used a LED case fan or too in there build, how many do you have? how bright are they? Do you prefer blue or red? Feel free to put up some pictures.
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  1. Have two blue ones, with a little glow out the back and front.
  2. I went a bit nuts with the blue. My Cooler Master RC-690 came with a blue-led case fan, so I went all the other case fans I bought were blue also.

    Masscool 120mm Blue x2

    Antec TriCool 120mm Blue x1

    Hiper 80x15mm Blue x1 (discontinued, but found on Ebay)

    All good fans, quiet, good air flow, not too bright for my tastes. Then again, the computer is in the office, so I don't have to worry about it keeping me awake, or anything like that.

    I personally like the blue lights coming from my machine. It adds a bit of flare to it, that I think is cool. But, if you find them too bright, you could get a couple of filters. I ended up having to buy 2 ( for the Masscool fans to reduce some noise between them and the case, which worked, and it also took down the brightness on the blue glow by quite a bit, so that is an option for you.

    Btw, what kind of a case do you have?
  3. Thanks for helping me make a decision. I think im going to go with the Masscool 120mm Blue because of it's reasonable price and good reviews.

    My case is the Corsair Obsidian 800D

    It was a bit pricey and friggin huge! but I love it! it looks sharp, has great airflow and is incredibly easy to wire with no clutter at all. I comes with 3 140mm fans (an intake on the bottom, exhaust on rear, and one for the hard drive bays) however i had to swap the rear exhaust for a 120mm to accommodate my H50 radiator and as per corsair`s suggestion i turned it around to act as a intake, so that filter would come in handy there, defiantly picking one of those up. Maybe i should pick 3 more up for the top fans to keep dust from falling into the machine while it's off??
  4. Good choice. My Masscool's run great, but I did just realize that the filters are not only killing the LED glow, but also the air flow by quite a bit. Not sure if that is all filters or just this one type (Silverstone, I believe), but I removed mine and turned them in to exhaust fans.

    Again, not a bad idea for the top fan filters, but check in to some that don't restrict air flow too much. Odd, 'cuz those got some pretty good reviews...
  5. Ummmm.....

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