Is this a slow boot time for a HDD? New computer

Bought this computer less than 2 weeks ago. It has a 1TB HDD not sure what brand and my computer takes around 40 seconds to start up, that includes the time it takes for my start up program (only have 1 start up program). So is 40 seconds really bad or no?

Other details if important:

CPU: i5 3450 (quad)
GPU: HD 7750
8gb RAM
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  1. Best answer
    to do list :
    >find setting in BIOS to set fast boot, instead of displaying logo bios
    >set sata mode to AHCI (google it, there are step-by-step tutorial to enable AHCI)
    >defragment your HDD
  2. 40 seconds isn't terrible.
  3. no, it's not bad for a HDD - it's actually pretty Good!
  4. ^ isn't terrible. That's quite a nice way of putting it and I agree
  5. 3 minutes is terrible

    40 seconds OK

    Try enabling Hibernate as an option , and it wont turn off completely and should get you back to a desktop much faster
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