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New GPU and Monitor

Well I have quite a bit of extra grand money from college this semester, so I'm wondering what monitor & GPU I should get?

budget is about 900 USD maybe little more or less but looking at 900 total for both.

Looked at the 5970 but IDK not a lot of room for a monitor then (not that I couldn't save for one) and would be a damn shame if i didn't get atleast 1920 x 1080 hoping for 1920 x 1200

Thanks in advance guys :bounce:
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  1. What does the rest of your system look like? Just make sure you can handle a 5970. If you can run SLI there are some interesting combos that you can go for. Unless you want a single card. I have a 5970 and I love it. It is a LONG card though, I had to remove my hard drive cage to allow it to fit in my mid size case.

    $650 free shipping Sapphire 5970
    $210 + $10 shipping Asus 23" 2ms 1920x1080 w/ swivel and adjustable base
    TOTAL $870
  2. Amazing reply man!!

    My system can fit it I made sure that I could handle any card when i made it and I have a Crossfire IV so I would need some hacked drivers for SLI and IDK where to find some, and that is a very nice monitor too, I find it hard to find a good price on a 1920 x 1200


    CPU: AMD X4 965 BE Revision C3 @stock
    PSU: 750W Silencer, has enough 8 and 6 pins for anything...
    Case: Hades NXZT
    MOBO: Crossfire IV
    HDD: Some Seagate at 10,000 not important looking at some SSD for OS and games
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    The 1920x1200 TN panel displays are starting to really vanish. All the new ones are 1920x1080. I guess because it is a native "HD" resolution and they can market it better or something. The 1920x1200 displays are still the choice for IPS panel displays, but they are $500+ and aren't as fast for games.

    That Asus is the one I looked at but talked myself out of it. I am still running on a 3+ year old 1680x1050 Dell 22". It was great at the time and for $300 was a steal. It still does a good job, but can't get myself to drop the money right now. Anyways, I like that one because its a good panel and it has a swivel and height adjustable base, which is rare anymore in the normal ol TN panel displays.

    You have the same PSU that I have and it runs the 5970 like a champ, no problem. It would probably run a 2nd if you wanted. It is probably more than what I need, but I sorta acquired it from ASUS after they screwed up my RMA 4 times on a 5870 :-P
  4. Very lucky of you, only thing is I for some reason can't bring myself to like the sapphire 5970, I mean there isn't anything different about it but I just love the way the XFX one looks but is it worth the extra 60$ just for a lifetime warranty that is transferable? I also don't hate the idea of a GTX 480 but the one I would want to get so that it wasn't loud would be an AMP version so SLI would be impossible i think (on top of the fact that I need hacked drivers)
  5. There is no real difference besides the stickers. But Yeah the warranty is something to look at. I have an Asus and it's great. There aren't to many factory modded 5970's though. The ones that are, are really expensive.
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