Ok guyz i need ur opinion on this one
i have two options tell me which one i should choose as i wont be upgrading my PC for atleast 2 years
i need a gaming PC for playing games at 1280x720

so here are my options

Intel core2quad Q8300 (2.5Ghz)
corsair VX450 PSU
4GB DDR2 800MHz

AMD Phenom IIx6 1055T
GTS 450 1GB
corsair VX450
4GB DDR3 1333Mhz

which option is more future proof?

note: i dont have an SLI mobo so can't go SLI.i have gigabyte m-ATX mobo G31m-Es2L so i wont OC my CPU over 3GHz if i buy intel C2Q and buying a new mobo for i5 or i7 is out of my budget :sweat:
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  1. mod plz delete this post as i got my answer
    i didn't knew abt that amd x6 processor need a costlier mobo so getting that is out of question now
  2. Quote:
    overclock the Intel C2Q and with the GTX460 (you should get the on sale GTX470 or GTX570) you will be able to game until you're ready for new build.
    RAM 4GB(2X2GB) in dual channel mode is fine.

    Ya i can OC C2Q to 3Ghz with this board :) just need to hold till 2 yrs and then a new gaming rig. May be i can get a better CPU cooler(corsait H50) after few months then i can OC even further .
  3. one qestion i just found a core2quad q6600 for sale ?? so should i get its 1066Mhz so i can OC it further then may be i can get GTX 460 HAWK edition will that be better ?? is there too much difference b.w q6600 and q8300?
  4. ohh thx i will go with core2 quad q8300 and try if i can get 8400 :)
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