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Hi People
Iam a bit of confused so here is my problem . I ve recently set up a new pc with a Gigabyte 790-fxta ud5 and phenom ii x 2 555 be. My prob is that when i try to unlock the 2 extra cores although in the next boot up it shows correctly 4 cores pc freezes at windows loading screen all the time ive tried many many many combinations including 3 cores unlock overvoltage cpu etc but problem still persists, note here that i have updated to the last bios. So i thought ok probably my version of CPU is not unlockable BUT then i tried to boot up from ubuntu live cd and guess what system boots normally and from the hardware monitor of ubuntu all 4 cores work perfect!!! Is there any chance that any other hardware cause instability like RAM (OCZ ddr3 2x1 gb dual ch 1333) or HDD or something else?
Any idea would be helpful thanks in advance.
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  1. You wouldn't happen to unlock the cores AFTER the Windows installation, would you?
  2. Often the cpu needs a bit more voltage, mine needed 0.025v.
    My memory also needed a little boost before it was totally stable.

    Try underclocking the cpu and booting.
    Is the cpu actually stable under Ubuntu, I mean has it been stress tested with something like occt or prime95.

    Basically if voltage increases don't work it points towards faulty cores. :(
  3. might try upping your voltage, and reinstall/experiment on a spare drive if you can spare the time; Windows does not always 'appreciate' simply booting up with extra cores/hardware changes that might confuse it....

    4 instances of Prime 95 for 2 hours will quickly tell you if all 4 cores will truly function...
  4. Thanks for quick answer. i've already tried overvoltage but not underclocking the cpu as for prime is there a version for ubuntu or dos? cos i cant boot up at win7 ill try also intalling at a spare disk and ill let you know. By the way the option at acc inside bios that says "set all cores -2%" by default does anyone know what actually does?
  5. That setting on my board is set to AUTO not ALL CORES.

    Prime should work -
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