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First Build, Problem with graphics card (I think)

I've seen a lot of these posts on here, I'd like to thank you in advance for your help!

Here is my build:

Asus P7P55 Deluxe motherboard
Intel I7 quad 860
2 1TB HD (raid0)
Radeon 5850hd graphics
750W psu
2x 4gb OCZ ram
Windows 7 64bit

My first game tested was Starcraft 2, playing on high settings the game would freeze, go to a random color screen, make an odd noise and require a hard reset. I read some forums and learned of a comparability problem with SC2 and my GPU, set to lower settings, seems to run fine.

So I go out and buy AVP, run it on high settings/low settings, same thing. It seems completely random, sometimes the game will run for 30 minutes sometimes 5.

My card drivers are all up to date, my guess is maybe I need a more powerful PSU, I just wanted some feedback before I drop another 200$ for a new one.

Thanks again (in advance)
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  1. What 750W PSU do you have? Regardless that is plenty for a 5850. It is possible that the card is defective.

    I'd test your card to make sure. I like the OCCT tool. Below is the link. Just download and run the GPU test and make sure error checking is checked. See any error occur of if your machine crashes. If it does, it is most likely the card.
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    As Jay said, 750W should certainly drive and it's most likely a vidcard problem. But I'd like ot add two things.

    First, your PSU may be failing under its new load, either due to age or quality.

    Second, its remotely possible your problem is heat related, which in turn may or may not be the fault of your vid card cooler. Anyhow, its easy to check - download CPUID's Hardware Monitor and check your temps as you play, ideally right before the crash lol.
  3. It's a Corsair, I just realized when trying to run OCCT that my DirectX drivers were out of date, test has been running for a fee minutes now. So far so good
  4. Thanks for the info I'll grab the hardware monitor and go to town. Thanks for the replies guys, I already feel better about this. Shoulda came here first!
  5. Allright, I ran the OCCT test for 1 hour. There were no errors and the temp topped out around 48C.
  6. Was it the GPU test in OCCT? 48C on a GPU would tell me you are liquid cooled or live in the arctic.
  7. Yeah it was GPU in OCCT, I was looking through the graphs, that's where I got that number. What is an average temp running on high settings?

    Uploaded with

    This was during gameplay of AvP
  9. The temps on the chart look very good - your vid card and cpu were at least running lol. The peak temps seem a tad lower (51-53 and 57) than they should be if truly stressed. Also, the fact that OCCT temps only went to 48, less than when in the game, says something ain't right with the temp measurement, the number you grabbed, or your OCCT run.

    Did the system fail while running AvP? I'd continue watching temps until the game fails again, before popping for a new psu. And $200 for a high-quality psu isn't necessary.
  10. Yeah, it fails during AvP, also an FFXIV Benchmark program, sometimed it will make it though the whole thing, sometimes it crashes. Even on the low settings. I was watching the temps, it crashed around 130F, though, sometimes it didnt. Very frustrating.

    Another note, when I was opening IE it got hung up, said "Drivers failed and restarted" Ive installed, re-installed the drivers, no fix.... also, very frustrating.
  11. If the "Drivers failed . . . " message is a little box that offers you a chance to send an email, that happems on "normal" systems and should be ignored for now. (Ironically, the email address is invalid - guess AMD really don't want to know lol. Doesn't inspire confidence lol.)

    Anyhow, lets leave temps for a minute, you've reported nothing that looks bad.

    What specific OCZ memory are you using, and what is BIOS running it at? (CPUID's CPU-Z is a good tool to report this.)

    If its not a memory settings issue, we're left with swapping in a different gcard or psu.
  12. definately a hardware problem
    are there little colored boxes popping up when you're gaming?
    i had something similar before and went to Powercolor for help, turned out it was faulty VRAM so they tossed me a new card cuz it was in the warranty period
    my suggestion is try your friends graphics card or something on your computer and see if it works fine
  13. No colored boxes, It just freezes.

    So I went out and bought a Geforce GTS 250, everything was going good until it stopped working lol. The info bubble popped up and said "Nvidia display Driver stopped working and restarted" It also said 'Kernal Event" I dont remember exactly what it said, and I cant get it to do it again.
  14. kernel event 31?
    that's what happened with me too i'm pretty sure it's a VRAM problem still
  15. Im going to RMA the Card anyway, but do you think the same thing would happen with two seperate cards? I've been trying to research the hell out of this and it seems alot of people are having the same problem, nvidia and ati, word is it may be a problem with Windows 7 itself. We'll see if the new card will fix it, or if I can find any Windows updates to fix this.
  16. i don't think it's a windows 7 problem because the exact same thing happened to me and it was all fixed up after powercolor replaced my graphics card
    good luck
  17. Predicting that neither your new card (you've already tried that) nor a Windows patch is going to fix the problem. Let us know please.
  18. Ok, here is my plan. Im returning the graphics card and the PSU. Looking for a replacement I came accross this :

    Or maybe Ill get 2 460's....
  19. I installed a new Asus GTX 480 today, still running into problems. Same deal as before but when AvP freezes, it doesn't lock up the computer, it just kicks me back to the main menu. There is no pop up that says "Driver Stopped Responding". Is there any chance that a problem with the motherboard could cause this? There are options for overclocking (which I still dont fully understand, the user manuals kinda suck)
    Maybe something needs to be configured or set up.

    Next week I'm probably going to grab a PSU and try that out.
  20. ok well i seriously doubt its the graphics card. if youv been through a couple of cards now. until you get the new PSU you could try stripping down your system (take out extra hard drives, Ram, and Disk drive to see if possibly your PSU can handle a lighter load. then try running AvP again. just a thought. good luck
  21. New Development, I was messing around with the settings on this new Grapgics Card and stumbled into the fan control settings. After changing the fan setting to "Enable Smart Cooling", the fans now adjust speed at variable temps, which it never did before. Now after playing AvP for about an hour, running Starcraft 2 for a few, and running the FFXIV Benchmark on high settings and I havent had a hiccup. Maybe its time to invest in some extra cooling. I'm going to run like this for a few days and let you all know how it goes.
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  23. I added some extra fans, picked up a rack for two 120mm fans to blow right onto the Graphics Card. No problems any more. Thanks for the help!
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