Gtx460 problems

so i have a amd 7750 be oc too..3.0ghz completly stable and i get hug bottle necks maxed out on mw2 on 1280x1024 sometimes drops to 60fps ...and unless on all low just cause will not go over 35 fps neither will battle field bad company 2 is this a graffics card problem or am i really bottlenecking that bad sould i return the card?
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  1. it shouldnt bottleneck much, you sure you have vsync disabled on those games?
  2. yeah vsync is disabled do i have a bad card i mean i can even get over 30 fps in badcompany 2 nor just cause 2
  3. im just wondering if i have a bad card ?
  4. rma the card
  5. are you sure ? is it really the card ? i mean the processor is kinda old?
  6. i mean thats the last thing i wanna do lol...i mean i have my 8600gts as a back up card but still i mean the processor is showing its age but i guess it is a defective card if it struggles to play cod mw2 max huh
  7. the cpu isnt all that old, it's from 2008 and equivalent to an e8200 even more if it's overclocked, it's still a decent dual core cpu to have
  8. no its comparable to the e5200
  9. it's on par with e8200 on some benchmarks
  10. wait what?

    no, battlefield is running badly because you have a crappy CPU.

    BF is really processor heavy, you are not going to see amazing performance with a alst gen phenom (they are bad CPUs)

    what GPU do you have?

    MW2 at 60fps is not a concerning number. but at that resolution you will be more CPU bound than GPU, so i would again think its because of the cpu.

    from what i can see here, there is nothing wrong with your system, and i absolutely would not go RMAing stuff.
  11. it probably would bottleneck the card some but not all that bad for having such low penformance, what is your power supply?, what card did you have before and how did it penform?.

    try uninstalling your current drivers, download driver sweeper and install it then reboot into safe mode (start pressing f8 repeatedly after the bios splash screen, a menu will appear where you can choose safe mode from). run driver sweeper and wipe every single nvidia related file from your hdd. then download and install the newest drivers from the nV site
  12. i don't see where the OP has even stated what GPU he has?

    its not about bottlenecking the GPU, its about the game requiring a quad core processor and him having a last gen phenom.

    the game is CPU heavy, so even if you have a great GPU i would not expect good frames with that processor.

    EDIT: sorry, realized it was in the thread topic, i'm still half asleep...

    certainly comes down to the CPU in the case of BFBC2. as for MW2 i dont know why you are concerned with getting 60fps.

    if you really want higher frames, you need a new CPU.

    if you want to ensure the card is working fine, run a GPU benchmark.
  13. thanks for all the replies im really appreciative that you guys can help im good with computers i built my own but this just freaked me out could you suggest a good gpu benchmark and tell me were i should be around...fps wise
  14. run 3dmark vantage. it will give you an independent score for the GPU (though this will still be bottlenecked by the CPU, slightly). you can then compare that score to similar systems. you will probably find you are getting a similar score to other systems with low end CPUs and powerful GPUs
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