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Because some of my components run "hot" i want to swap out my 120mm rear exhaust fan for something better. I was wondering if anyone could recommend me a 120mm fan.
Requirements are 32dBA or under. and needs to push more than 37cfm. preferably blue or no led's.
I dont know specs on the case's intake fan (140mm) but ill try find specifics when its daylight if needed. Especially if ill need to swap out both fans to keep intake/exhaust even.

If u need more information just ask.
Thanks in advance
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  1. How about the Scythe S-Flex?
  2. What case are you working with?

    What is running hot, and how hot is hot?

    Perhaps there is another solution.

    In general, noctua makes fans with the best combination of airflow and low. Do not expect too much,though, if you also want quiet. Noctua fans are good, but expensive. This NF -S12B FLX is probably the best @$25:

    Go to for some good info on the best quiet fans. look for their recommended list.
  3. Case is a Lian Li PC-7FNB
    Gtx 470/cpu cooler. idle at 75/45C
    The problem is its summer now and its getting hotter ambient temps. also my cooler faces the top of my case (no top exhaust) and under load it gets very warm to touch the case.
    Hence i was hoping a better rear exhaust fan would ease my worry of this issue.
    That noctua looks good though :)

    @ hellstorm
    from what i looked at, wouldnt a scythe slipstream be better than an s-flex? from a quick look the 1200rpm slipstream seems better than the 1600rpm s-flex.
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    Nice case.

    Here are some thoughts:

    1) Consider replacing the front 140mm fan instead of the rear. The case is designed as a positive pressure case in which the intake is stronger than the out flow. The intake is the key. In addition to the 120mm rear fan, air can also exit via the vents in the back, the perforated slot covers, and the psu. Getting more intke cfm can be done more quietly with a 140mm fan than a 120mm fan. It is a plus if you replace the rear also.

    2) I assume that your cooler can't be mounted to exit air to the rear. What brand/model is it? A good replacement cooler need not be expensive. Is the cooler mounted well? A common mistake is to use too much grease, and it will act as an insulator.

    3) The case has a number of front 5 1/2 bays which I expect you are not using. Consider converting three of them to an extra 120mm intake. Use a KAMA bay unit like this:

    4) A graphics card can dump hot air into the case, heating up the cpu cooling air. Dual slot graphics coolers are the best. If you have a different type, try a slot cooler next to the video card. That will help take some of the hot video air and get it out the back of the case quickly.

    5) Don't worry too much about temperatures. 45c is not too hot for a cpu at idle in a warm room. 75c is hot, but the video cards are designed to run hot; and they do. See if there is a bios fan fix for your video card. A cpu and a video card will slow down or shut off to protect themselves if they get too hot.
  5. Thank you..
    1) i didnt know that, i thought it was the other way around. case came with a 140mm fan on front that does 51cfm and glows blue. So any recommendations?

    2)Not that i could figure out, its a Zalman CNPS10X Extreme and i don't plan on replacing it anytime soon. As im using AM3 socket and it only came with a mounting clip. Didn't realise thats how amd works as its my first build/first time with amd. Im pretty sure i didnt use too much grease as i had a friend help me mount the cooler.

    3) Genius idea!

    4) Im dont see the need for this. I do plan to swap out my video card to xfire at a later date, and hence ill either get it then or i wont be able to use it.

    5) Im not that worried, but i would prefer to push my OC a bit further. @ 4.0Ghz it hits 60C or so under load which makes me worried. if i could drop the temp and push it to 4.2 it would make me happy :D

    Thanks for the help though. Any final thoughts before i stick some of these things/ideas on my xmas list for ppl to buy me :D
  6. scrice said:
    @ hellstorm
    from what i looked at, wouldnt a scythe slipstream be better than an s-flex? from a quick look the 1200rpm slipstream seems better than the 1600rpm s-flex.

    Well the Slipstream has a noise rating of 33dBA. Whereas the S-Flex has a noise rating of 8.7dBA.

    I just suggested the S-Flex coz you said that you needed a quite one. The CFM rating is something which is a bit vague as they don't really deliver the rated ones. Of course the Slipstream is a better one than the S-Flex.
  7. @ hellstorm

    This seems to be the S-Flex your talking about (800rpm)

    Thats the site i was comparing them on. It has various rpm versions of both fans. Your 8.7dBA model is the lowest speed of them.

    And it doesnt have to be whisper quiet as my cpu fan gets noisy, hence in OP i said "32dBA or under"
    Ty anyway
  8. Here is a comparison of the KAMA and the S-Flex.

    The KAMA has 43CFM at max and only 22dBA, which i think should do the job quite well.
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