Something is wrong with my hard drive.

I have a 2TB ATA Hitachi HDS5C302 SCSI HDD. I recently upgraded my motherboard and CPU, and because I knew i needed to re-install Windows, I split the partition into 2 so that I could then transfer my files, and then extend the partition when I'm done.
However the day after I installed Windows on the new partition, Windows started telling me that there is something wrong with my HDD. I can't post the exact stuff because i closed the window, but the Intel Rapid Storage Technology program (which came with my motherboard) is saying the is at risk (SMART event). If I look into this in the help section of the program it says that the cause is "An impending error condition was detected on an internal or external disk and is now at risk of failure."

Is there anything that I can do to fix this, or do I have to get a new hard drive?

Also I would like to know what exactly could have caused this, so that I don't have have this problem again.
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    SMART Report compares your HDD against a list of manufacturer tolerances. if one of those goes out of tolerance then it gives an error, which there are free programs that will tell you what specifically is wrong. but your hard drive may last for years or it may die tomorrow. the SMART report is telling you your at risk backup your data. and there is no repair for hardrives usually best to just buy a new one.
  2. Hmm.
    Before I read your reply, I read around the forums, and saw that I should use HD Tune. For the health section the only two things that are bad are Seek Error Rate (31), and Seek Time Performance (1). Also when I tried the error scan, when the green block reached around a tenth of the way, my HDD started making clicking noises, and my computer froze.
    This sounds (no pun intended) like a bad thing. Should I change my HDD asap?
  3. yes, back up your data if you have the software make an image of your drive and transfer to a new one.
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