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I'm gonna be putting together my first build in a couple weeks and I was thinking about replacing my 5 year old Dell 17" LCD. I was wondering what is the best 1920 x 1080 display I can get for under $200? Cheaper is better, but I want something that will last a few years at least, and preferably can become part of a 3 screen eyefinity setup down the road. (so thin rectangular bezels, ability to pivot into portrait position, dp connector would be ideal) I know I probably won't get all of this, and I bow before the wisdom of the forum.
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  1. You might try this link:

    The reviews are pretty comprehensive, and may help you decide which features/flaws are really important to you.
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    I have been eyeballing this display for a while. It is $210 but has an adjustable stand. And that is worth the few bucks more.
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