Noob trying to build a system

Got all my parts, assembled, turned on power...nothing. Zero sound or sign of life from the PSU or any other component. Check cables, try everything I can think of, still get nothing at all when I turn it on.
I decide it must be a bad PSU, so I RMA it. In the meantime, I have a system here im waiting to try out, so I go to local shop and buy an Earthwatts PSU to test the system, planning to return it once my RMA comes. Hook it up, same thing zero sign of life from anything.

Should the PSU at least turn on even if other components on the system are bad? Im thinking now it must be the mobo that is bad.
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  1. Are you sure you connected the power switch, reset switch, power led, and HDD led wires
    Also post your PC specs.
  2. Have u done a basic POST test with a single stick RAM before screwing mobo into case 1st?
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