HELP! SSD Raid0 - Fresh Install / Win7

I am going to run 2x 256GB SAMSUNG 840 Pro Series in a Raid 0 Config.

The question is this:

I plan on using this computer for gaming and school work. How big should I make the windows partition? I use steam. Should I partition the the entire space so I can just save and install all my games, data, etc. on the same partition as the OS, with about 72GB for backup?


Should I just partition it for 72GB for plenty of OS room expansion and resource usage and suck it up and learn to do a junction with LSE so I can have the other 440GB free for storage and games?

Suggestions and Advice are welcome. Thank You!

NOTE: I am aware of no performance gains from raiding SSD's
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  1. dont RAID use them seperately. use one for OS and backup partition the other for APPS and games. an SSD in RAID has no real performance gains in practical use.
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