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I've had NO LUCK with my 2 SSD purchases. I ordered #1 and then was back-ordered for what ended up being, 6 weeks. I know what you think, CANCEL the damn thing. Well there was drama going on at the time and I just plain forgot/blew it off. During the forgot/blew it off period I purchased #2 at a regional major retailer, that I won't mention,installed it and 2 weeks in,
it wouldn't boot or be seen for that matter. When I opened the hot swap bay it was in, I smelled electric burn. I was in the RMA (damn it!) stage when finally the original #1 SSD I ordered (6 weeks before) showed up. In it went, added system, booted up and will now BSOD everytime the Welcome Music plays in my not mentioned system. I keep falling back onto my HDD, (system is multi boot) and I realized something my Dad used to say. "Boy, you hit yourself on the head with a hammer 'cause it feels so good when you stop!"
I'm going to remain a loyal fan and user of mechanical devices which have proven, it takes time to be almost perfect. If any SSD ever achieves the ability to even mimic the mechanical reliabilty (from years of design and engineering) like a HDD then I will be placing my order ASAP; after all, waiting 6 weeks was not the SSD's fault.
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  1. Sorry to hear that. Have an Intel 320 and a Samsung 840 and have not had a single issue.

    If you have an older system, it could be a problem (nVidia 650i chipset I had wouldn't see it - not the SSD's fault).
  2. System specs?
  3. sfvirgo86 said:
    System specs?

    Thermaltake Level 10 Series Level 10 GTS Black
    ASRock FM2A85X Extreme6
    AMD A10-5800K
    Discreet AMD Radeon HD 6770
    G.SKILL 16GB (4 x 4GB) Ripjaws X DDR3 1333
    Ultra X4 750-Watt Full Modular PSU V2
    ASUS Blue Ray Player
    LG 24X DVD Burner w/ Lightscribe
    Windows 7 Home 64-bit
  4. For every single person who thinks like you do, there are s thousand (or more) that will disagree completely. Been using SSD's for nearly 2 years now, in several systems, simply would not own PC this day in age without one. Sounds like simply a bit of bad luck, or perhaps a bad install?
  5. My wife is sure it's bad luck. Had a string of it lately. I think it was bad choices in the ones I bought and the retailers I bought from. I went with Kingston 120G igs and both were SATA II 3GB/s. Going to retry with Samsung as soon as funds allow. SATA III 6GB/s 256 gig this time too.
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    You might want to read this article on return rates for several components, including SSD's and hard drives.
    For intel and samsung SSD, the rate is 0.5%
    For hard drives, western-d and samsung are 1.5%
    Others within each category are higher.
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