Eyefinity...Bezel Compensation...that easy?

Hey Guys...First post on the forum...

I cant believe it was this easy :o ...

I searched the net once I found this but doesn't look like anyone else has brought it up yet.

I have three monitors, all the same but for some reason Bezel Compensation was not an option.

Not wanting to mess with flashing my monitors...

I did a quick search in my registry and found this gem of a key:


Now I know what youre thinking...it CANT be that easy...

But, IT WAS...

I changed the Nobody value to Everybody...and I now have the option to Add Bezel Compensation on my display group.

For those of you less computer/registry savvy, here's the quickest way to make the change:

copy the contents of the following code into a new notepad file:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Save the file as BezelSupportForce.reg(or anything as long as it has .reg, be sure it's not .reg.txt)

Then double click the new file and hit Yes when asked if you want to continue.

I hope this helps...Really curious to know if it works across the board or just on x64 systems.
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  1. Hey there,

    What Cat version are you using?

    Bezel compensation was introduced from Cat 10.2.

    PS Good job.
  2. Bezel compensation is disabled by the driver when it detects three non-identical monitors, and there is a very lengthy process to try and make your own INF file for the monitors to trick the driver into allowing bezel compensation.

    I didn't even think of searching the registry for any keys like that! It took me two hours to trick the driver into thinking my monitors are all the same when I could have just done that!
  3. Genius! Did the trick for me even with 3 identical Asus monitors I couldn't work out why this option wasn't available. Thanks!
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