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I am building a new system and I'm going to try to keep my 256GB OS SSD relatively clear. I plan to move My Documents to my 2TB bulk drive.

However, I'd kind of like to have some of my games installed on an SSD, but don't want to use the real estate on my OS drive.

Would it make sense to buy a second, cheap 64GB SSD for just games? i.e. would it be faster/better than putting games on my 2TB bulk drive.
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  1. It would be better to buy a good 64-128gb SSD and put the OS on it and use the 256GB SSD for games and such. There is no reason to have 256GB for just the OS.
  2. I'll be putting a lot of applications on my OS drive -- Adobe CS6 Master Collection among many others so it'll fill up over time, and I'll be leaving 25% free at all times. Maybe I'll keep some of my documents there too.

    I already bought the drive -- a Samsung 840 Pro -- so I wouldn't want to use that just for games.
  3. Ah ok well from your first post it looked like you only intended it to be used for the OS.

    A 64gb drive for games, well for me anyway wouldn't be near enough. Some of the games I have use over 20gb for a single game, that being said how many games do you have/plan to have on your computer? I would get a second 256gb SSD for games or at the very least a 120GB one... Anything less than that, it might not be worth it, unless you don't mind moving games around a lot to get the one you currently are playing on to the SSD and moving others to the HDD to make room for it.
  4. I don't play that many games simultaneously. I'll usually play one shooter, like Fallout: New Vegas or Bioshock 2 over the course of a month and then move on to another.

    I'm not an avid gamer... but when I do play I like chapters to load quickly. To give you an idea of how old school I am... I'm patiently waiting for Doom 4, Quake 5, Fallout 4, Bioshock Infinite... and the ultimate pipe dream, Half-Life 3! :)
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