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Hi, so here's the thing.

Bought Haf-X case, and I was thinking of putting it into a corresponding shelf in my table. But the case has a vent on the left side and I was wondering will it cause any problems. There's maybe 2 cm distance between table wall and left side of the case. The front and the back are completly open. There's also a 3-4 cm distance between top fan and table wall.

Will I have any problems with the cooling?
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  1. well... the side is tight but since the front and back are open it should be OK... now the top is a different issue altogether... it exhausts hot air so you should get rid of that air from the shelf quickly... remember this mantra when it comes to close enclosures for case fans... tight space is OK for intake but not good for exhaust...

    I would recommend this solution for you... You need positive pressure inside your case to keep expelling air from inside the case and not take in air from outside other than the intake fans... remove the rear exhaust fan and see if you can install that at the bottom next to the PSU (if the PSU is long you wont be able to)... And keep one of the 200mm fan at the top switched off (or remove it to ensure that air is pushed out by pressure)...

    So you will have one 230mm fan in the front, one 140mm fan at the bottom (if it fits) and one 200mm fan at the side for intake against one 200mm fan at the top for exhaust... if the rear fan fits at the bottom as intake its good otherwise just remove the rear fan... your CPU cooler fan (provided its a tower blowing towards the rear) will push air out through the rear vents... This will give you positive pressure inside the case and ensure that the air exhausted at the top will remain outside...

    I know this defeats the whole purpose of having so many fans in HAF X but your shelf is the culprit...

    Or would suggest one small test... run the rig with original spec at 100% load inside the shelf and see the temps... do the same test in an open space... if there is no difference in temps then u r good to go... if there is a significant difference then do the above mod and see if it helps...
  2. Ah, thanks for help but I've decided to go with a different route. :)

    Gonna turn that big case shelf into two small ones. Added a couple of screws and a piece of wood and that's that. Gonna keep router in that space and then I'll put haf-x on the outside.

    All's good :bounce:
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