P8P67 pro or Sabertooth p67 with i5 2500k for oc and sli

First time over here, but seems like I got a lot of answer. I am building a new computer and i needed some advices about it. First time builder btw. I still have to choose between 2 motherboards (still haven't decided yet). So if anyone could help me with it that would be great. I need to know to if you would change anything in what i'm looking to buy (all of my parts), as long as it is around the same price (got a limited budget.)

Processor : Intel i5 2500k (will oc)
Motherboard : P8P67 pro or Sabertooth p67
Ram : Corsair vengence 8GB (2 x 4GB)
Video : GeForce gtx 260 oc (Will eventually change newest card and i will sli)
Power Supply : Thermaltake TR2 650W
Tower : Antec three hundred black steel
Hard Drive : WesternDigital 6gb/s 1tb 750rpm
Windows 7 Home premium 67 bit.

Thanks in advance.
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    I would go with the P8P67 Pro, for 3 reasons.

    1.) The extra PCIe x16 slot.
    2.) The Sabertooth's Thermal Armor seems kind of cool, but it worries me. Seems like after a while dust might get trapped in there.
    3.) The P8P67 is $50 cheaper. Probably the biggest reason.

    Also the P8P67 has bluetooth if that matters to you at all.

    For the power supply I recommend at least considering the Corsair Enthusiast Series CMPSU-650TX 650W. It got excellent reviews and is in the same price range. Plus there is currently a $10 rebate. (Price after rebate is $84.99)

    Whatever you end up deciding, good luck on your first build!
  2. I already have the thermaltake TR2, Do you think that it will be enough or should I really consider replacing it?

    Thanks for the advice about the Sabertooth.
    I've read a lot of complaints about booting problems on the sabertooth too. I was just wasn't sure if it was worth it or not.
  3. No, If you already have it then don't replace it, it will be fine. I was only suggesting it because I thought you didn't have any of the components yet.
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  5. Viperegg, TR2 is a really good alternative to the stock cooler, Just don't extreme OC with it. Im shure you could go to 4GHz with a CM Hyper 212+ and its $30. I wouldn't return it.
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