Considerations for moving 128GB SSD to 256GB SSD

I built my current Win7 Home Edition-based system almost 2 years ago with the boot drive being a Samsung 128GB SSD. That drive is almost full, so I am considering buying a new 256GB SSD (probably Samsung 840 Pro) to install as the boot drive.

What I would like to know are the pros/cons of cloning the 128GB SSD to the new 256GB SSD vs. installing the new 256GB SSD and starting over with a fresh Win7 installation.

I know that cloning is probably an easier and quicker process; on the other hand, I know that "starting over" can get rid of accumulated "trash", but that it is accompanied by the headache of having the hassle of reinstalling all my programs. In the face of just those considerations, I probably would choose to clone.

However, I suspect there's more that I could/should take into account, so those additional considerations are what I'm looking for.

For example, I have seen references that there may be possible performance issues related to something called TRIM and partition size that can result from going the clone route -- presumably, those do not exist with the "fresh install," though I don't know that for sure. And I have seem something about being sure to set ACHI (?) in the BIOS -- I don't know if this applies to both routes or not. I don't know much about either of these considerations, or about whatever else there may be that I should take into account. So I am hoping someone can fill me in so I can make an "informed" choice of how best to handle my upgrade to a bigger, faster SSD drive.

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  1. If u have a large hdd for storage you could back up ur pros n docs there, get a second 128 and raid 0 them. That way u could clean install, keep ur pros, and boost performance.
  2. 1. If I wanted to RAID 0 SSDs, wouldn't I want to get a second identical 256GB SSD?

    2. Why would I want to RAID 0 my SSDs, anyway?

    3. Regardless of whether I decide to use RAID 0, what other things should I be taking into account ?

    FWIW, the motherboard I have is an ASUS P8 Z68-V PRO and the new SSD would be the Samsung 840 Pro (256GB).
  3. 1. yes
    2. raid 0 is a performance boost
    3. price, what to do with the 128 if u decide not to raid 0
    not too much too worry about. u have a good brand in mind either way will be good
  4. definitely do NOT RAID 0 your Only/Boot drive - u have double the chance of a catastrophe happening should one drive hiccup or fail - PooF, there goes everything!

    I suggest a simple clone from the existing drive to the new one - it's the simplest method as you know, however, if you want to clean up what you have already then clean install

    you can then use the 128 as a data drive

    for TRIM to work you would have to set the controller in BIOS to AHCI -
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