New build- Looking for opinions/suggestions

Hey There, I'm looking for opinions on my new build. My budget is $1000. I'm not talking "everything but the Monitor". I mean all the hardware (aside from peripherals). I don't understand why people don't include a monitor in a new build btw...$1000 no monitor/operating system is...NOT a budget build IMO. That's pretty upper middle.

Here's what I'm looking at.
I based my decisions on the following
1. This website's articles about recent video cards/CPU bottle necking
2. Benchmark scores
3. Combo prices and deals on newegg.

I'm aiming to spend around $1000 and get the most bang for my buck.

My questions for all of you are...
1. Am I bottlenecking myself somewhere?
2. Is it worth it to buy this Video card? According to benchmark tests The 5850 does considerably better than the 5770 (which is $100 cheaper), and not much worse than the 5870 ($100 more expensive). Here's the link
3. Is this system going to play all the new games well? and pretty? Is SLI necessary? I'm seen people posting on that "1000 dollar rig" with 2 GTX 460's that are 190 bucks each. That would require a Mobo change (to 2 pci slots at 16x), and another $100 for the video card. As well as probably a stronger I'm trying to avoid that.
4. Any suggestions on what I should do? Consider necessary or somewhere I could cut down more?

Here's all my links




Video card-

Motherboard -


DvD drive -

Your suggestions are appreciated :)
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  1. Well for an AM3 gaming config with LCD in under $1k one could fit in a beefy HD 5870 in there ^^
    Tower @ $780AR

    The Rosewill Green 630 80+ was favorably reviewed at the $70 mark but now at $60 and a juicy combo :P
    23" LCD $150AR Free Ship
    $930AR in total
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