Transferred Old HDD into New Computer...problems

Well I did it mostly to save money and so I wouldn't need to re install Windows, and pretty much everything worked. Except I can acess my BIOS no matter what I do and the computer still thinks I'm using the Laptop I got the HDD from.

I put the 2.5 inch drive into a a dekstop using a craddle. Anyways Is there anyway to fix this, I think it might be affecting my performance, I think it even still has the old Laptop Bios on the HDD, that seems to be the case when I look at the Information in the Registry Editor.
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  1. BIOS isn't stored on the HDD. You really do need to do a fresh install to get all the correct drivers and baseline.
  2. You should do a fresh install.
  3. Ugh I don't have a copy of windows.
  4. can't legally use, on a desktop you built, an OEM copy of Windows that came from a laptop. You need to buy one.
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