CPU Throttling Framerate?

Hey everyone, this is my first post - so go easy on me! hehe!

I currently have
Gigabyte MA770-UD3 Motherboard (AM2+)
AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+
Palit Geforce GTX 460 1024MB

I've always been an avid PC Gamer, I recently upgraded from the 8800GTS.

When I run Bad Company 2 @ 1600 x 900, 4xAA, all preferences to high - my framerate drops to around 18fps quite often.
Although it's a new game, I wouldn't have thought it would be too taxing for the GFX card at that resolution.

Is my CPU causing a bottleneck responsible for this disappointing framerate?

If so, would I notice much improvement jumping to a Phenom II Quad Core 995?
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  1. Try overclocling the CPU and see if you see some boost in FPS. It you do, then you would know what to change.
  2. you would have to gather avg framerates in assorted common benchmarks to do a useful comparison to other cpus....

    The GTX is a nice mid-range card, and should do well at moderate resolutions as you are playing in, but, there will be some cpu scaling at such moderate resolutions....; additionally, all video cards/systems will have framerate drops to a minimum, some lower than others, but some framerate drops might be inherent with the game..

    4xAA chokes a lot of extra gpu power from a card, try running with AA off....

    (Additionally, as to Phenom suport, you'd need to check Gigabytes website, reference your mainboard, to see if the Phenom is supported by your mainboard and/or it's BIOS...; I d suspect it is not, but, they would know for sure.)
  3. Actually that board supports the Phenom X6 chips too!
  4. Also, when I run 3dmark06, the CPU tests barely scrape through at 2fps
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