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Regarding my new build with ASUS P8P67 mobo + i5-2500k Proc i have bought 4GB (2*2GB) G.Skill 1333 mhz RAM. Now i think that was not a wise decision and planning to buy some more RAM with it.

So my question is if i buy RAM with different FSB (e.g, 1600 mhz or 2000mhz) will that work or i have to stick with 1333 like other chips?

And if i order 1 stick of 4GB with the previous one to make it 8GB will that be fine or i have to go for again 2*2GB for consistency?

Really appreciate any help.

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  1. people any help on this!!!
  2. You need to stick with 1333 speed memory. You can't mix and match memory speeds.

    You need to buy another pair of the same capacity, you can't mix and match capacities either.
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    Hi there , as far as I know you can you can go with different frequency but same capacity . Your entire mem will be running at the lower frequency , so with 2x2gh 1600mhz and 2x2gb at 1333 you will be running at the lower 1333 MHz .
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  5. @pshemax: you are spot on :)

    I am able to run all my memories but at the reduced speed of the slower RAM (1333 MHz).

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