BIOS not showing. Help me please

Today i just bought a 1055, asus m489gtd pro usb3, and xms3 1600mhz I just finished the build and the BIOS showed up fine. I put in the vista CD and during the installation it needed to restart so i let it do it's thing. Then when it restarted the BIOS did not show up and vista didnt load or anything it was just blank. The only thing i thought of doing was taking the CMOS power battery out to restart the BIOS but its underneath my 5850 and i dont know what to do now.
Please help me Thank you!
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More about bios showing please
  1. First try just resetting the cmos with the jumper,,, then do the battery thing, I have had ASUS mobo's in the past which did not boot at first, figured it was the battery not fully charged, Asus quality control does not seem to be as good as it once was, sometimes....
  2. Hopefully, clearing the CMOS will fix the problem, Not seeing your post screen during boot. Also Disconnect your HDD during this troubleshooting phase See the rest of post). If using the Clear CMOS Jumper did not fix it, the next step is to remove the battery, I know you have to remove your GPU. If this does not fix problem, get back for further assistance.

    Once you can see your post screen (I know you did this, but on the off chance you didn't):
    I would recommend that you verify a couple of things.
    1st go into your BIOS Heath screen and verify that voltages and temps are correct.
    2nd. Boot to a bootable memtest86 CD and run memtest 86 for at least 2 hours. This is often omitted in the haste to install the operating system on that shiny new toy. This should be done on any new system prior to (A) updating the BIOS and (2) installing an operating system. IF you have memory errors and attempt to flash your bios, or load an operating system you can corrupt your BIOS.
    3rd Recheck all parameters in Bios pertaing to your HDD.

    If everything is OK, then proceed to installing your Operating system, recommend startinfg from scratch.
  3. I found out the problem but i dont know how to fix it.The cpu fan was not running. The 4pin was connected, but after a second of booting it up it would stop running and i read the manual and it said it wouldnt boot if it wasnt working properly. So will detect the cpu fan if i connected to a 3pin?
  4. Don't think that is your problem. When you power on the System the PSU will supply voltage, Reason fan start turning. It then waits for a very short time for a "OK to power on" signal from the MB if this is not recieved within the specified time the PSU turns off.

    If you move the CPU fan to a different 3 Pin header the CPU fan speed will alwas be Zero. There is a place in BIOS to determine warnings/actions to take for CPU temp and fans. This should not stop the bios from starting to post, However if this were the problem.

    Still recommend, (1) unplug computer, leave unplugged for 5 Min, clear CMOS and retry.
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