Will METRO 2033 RUN?

i plan on using following settings.
1920 1080
16 AF
Very High
DX 10
Core i7 870
nvidia geforce gtx 260 core 216 superclocked
6gb 1333 mhz ddr3 ram
650 watt psu

will the game run at 20-30 fps at least?
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  1. As dipankar mentioned, without DirectX 11/Tesselation and PhysX, the game becomes a lot less demanding. You would probably run it fine although the exact FPS I wouldn't be sure.
  2. i cant activate tesselation and dof as i own a dx 10 card.
  3. in any case from all the screenshots i have seen metro doesnt look as"beautiful" as crysis.there is a diffrence between a lush paradise and an underground tunnels
  4. You and gauge it off this review a little bit. Look over the test bed and kind of factor in they are using an extreme i7.

  5. lol.That review is overhyped.IT SAYS THE GTX 295 IS GETTING MINIMUM AS 18FPS.If thats true i will have to play it on ow settings.Could the game get anymore badly optimiseed
  6. will anyone with a gtx 260,275,285 plz post how much fps they get on metro 2033
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    For the OP:

    I'll try and get some benchies on the 260 for you. :)
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  9. Here's what I could whip up:


    So, to answer your question...yes! It WILL work...provided you're within the parameters restricting the GTX260. Any possibility of an upgrade for the GPU?
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