Added a second ssd how to config please

I just added a second ssd to my puter and I CAN see it in my device manager but not under my computer.

1. How to name the drive/ see it under MYComputer?

2. Oh is there a way also to name the drive then what the factory names them? I have two of the same SSD's and it could become confusing down the road if I were to need to cipher which is which via device manager...

I know it is some little step I did not do please advise thanks
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More about added config please
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    You need format it under "disk manager" before the PC will "see" it. You can name it like N-Newdrive, S-Storage, or B-backup.
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  3. Cin19, Thank you. Best Answer.
    I formatted it, That was the correct thing to do, No?
    I am going to use it primarily for a storage/scratch drive. Although I am going to install my Magix Audio Studio on it, as the music adds up, as do my video projects. But for a scratch disc for Adobe to use and will be installing some programs / software on that drive, it was wise beneficial to format it...Correct?
    Thanks again
  4. For storage/scratch drive, you don't need add the software at all. In photoshop you just do assigning scratch disks. But I don't know the video editing software.
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