Bad asus hd 5770 cucore temps?

hi, I have 2 asus 5770's in crossfire and my ambient temp is 32*C (Philippines' tropical weather goes up to 37*C in summer), the main card idles at 47*C and the other one at 43*C. are these normal temperatures? I've read that these cards should run cooler than this.
I haven't OCed the cards.

I have a x16/x4 pcie2.0 mainboard and planning to upgrade to a x8/x8 so that the cards would get equal load and pull out better performance. will my temps go lower when I upgrade?

on load:
crysis all maxed: the main card would run at 92*C I know that 2x5770s can barely handle crysis with everything maxed.
CoD:WaW all maxed: runs at about 77*C (safe temp)
resident evil 5 all maxed: variable benchmark runs at about 83*C (relatively safe temp)
furmark: keeps on rising and exceeds 92*C, I stop the test when this happens. (dangerous temps)

Do I have a bad card?
maybe the thermal paste doesn't do a good job?
Power supply problem?

I've updated to the latest drivers.
I have a HAF X case (great airflow case) I even installed the gpu fan shroud (case accessory) directly in front of the 2 gpus with a 120mm fan.

thanks in advance. :p

EDIT: offtopic: is the cooler master v8 good? I'm planning on buying one for my i5-750 so I can overclock
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    Well, in most of the benchmarks you see around the net, ambient temperature is usually between 20 and 24C, so your higher ambient temperature results in higher idle and load temperatures.

    Try switching the cards, run the first card in the second slot and vice versa, and record the temps.

    If you have the experience and the means, try reseating the GPUs' heatsinks with a good thermal paste and see if that helps (almost always does over the generic paste manufacturers use).
  2. now I think it's because of a poor finish on the Cucore. I found someone having a similar problem have a look at this (scroll down to the middle of the page) I'm thinking of lapping it too once I get a hold of a good thermal paste. hopefully I will get better temperatures.
  3. then again maybe I'll try reapplying the thermal paste first before trying to lap the stock cooler.
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  5. As for the smaller raised part on the heatsink, it is meant to only be large enough to fully cover the main core, and not the full chip, so I wouldn't recommend touching it. It needs to have good pressure against the core to do its job well.

    As for my recommendation on thermal pastes, top-notch is IC Diamond, second would be Arctic Silver Ceramique, both would be a great upgrade from stock paste.

    Good luck with everything!
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