Motherboard toast?

Well lest thursday i powered down my pc for the night as it was pretty hot in the house, the next morning i go to power on and I get no post. Normally my video cards fan will spin up really loud for 5 sec, it doesn't do that instead it just spins normally. PSU appears fine, tested out a brand new 700w gamextreme i had kicking around unopened in its box and still no go. tried out a different pci-e card as well as a pci video card and nothing. haven't pulled any ram yet, going to breadboard it in a little bit here. but i am thinking my board is toast, m2n32-sli, Either that or my cpu. Any thoughts on how i can narrow it down before i proceed on getting a new board?
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  1. Seems like you are going at it systematically. Assuming both psu's gave identical results and both have adequate ratings, and after breadboarding and playing musical ram chips, you're down to mobo or cpu.

    I can't tell you how to separate the two, except by swapping your cpu into a working system and/or thinking of any symptoms that might have appeared before this failure and associating them. Given one of those two were the problem, the odds usually favor mobo failure.
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