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Long story short I aquired a laptop (Western Digital 320GB) hard drive from my friend when I installed a new hard drive for him. I assumed (from him watching too many adult videos) that he has contracted a very bad virus and he bought a new hard drive (with an OS preinstalled). So now I have this 320 GB hard drive laying around and I though that I would install Ubuntu onto it. Got all excited about this new (new for me) operating system.


After countless hours of research and dreaming, I have downloaded the ISO file from Ubuntu and burned it to a DVD. I left the DVD inside the DVD driver so that on boot up the computer will search for an OS on the DVD instead of the hard drive. I unscrewed the back cover (battery was taken out before any tinkering) and removed MY hard drive (which is the 500GB Western Digital) and placed the 320 GB hard drive (from my friend).

Suspence built up as I pushed the power on and...


My compute can't get passed the boot without it shutting off. It plays two beeps, a low beep then a high beep. It does this for a few seconds and shuts down my computer. Then my computer starts right back up and does the same thing over agian. I try to get to my BIOS thinking that it is a virus from the hard drive but it won't even let me do that because it still shuts off.

What I know what the problem isn't:

It is NOT my RAM - reason I say this is because my other hard drive works fine when I reinstall that (500GB) hard drive.
It is not the Ubuntu installation disk

Both hard drives are exactly the same (only the size of each is differet)

It is strictly the 320 GB hard drive that I got from my friend.

So what is wrong with the hard drive?

Thanks for your help,
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    Even though Ubuntu live CD is enough for a live os but a hard disk is essentially needed to store some of the boot configuration file .So it will work if you connect the hard disk and change the boot device priority to CD ROM and you will succeed .In case if the corrupted and unable to reach the essential files connect it with some other PC and use the western digital hard drive recovery tool .It gives me a good output when i tried the full version.Here are the links
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