Which ram i buy ?

i have XFX MD-A72P with gtx 460 SLI and am so confused about wich RAM stick i buy :(
in the mobo specifications it says that the card support ddr2 240-Pin PC2-8500@1066 MHz
and i want to run 4GB of ram .. 1x4g or 2x2g, and i found this one but:

but its really expensive for me :( .. is there any thing cheaper ?
i mean if the mobo support something high, then any thing lower should work.. right ?
just looking for some recommendations :sweat:
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  1. Sorry but there's no cheaper RAM.. Either get 2GB(1x2GB) now and another 2GB(1x2GB) later..
  2. At 1066MHz it will be difficult to find anything cheaper. If you drop down to 667 or 800MHz then you can save $20, and yes it will run, just at the slower speed.

    Check out some of these (at 667 and 800):
  3. if i get some thing like 667 or less ,is it gonna be big deference ?
    i mean i have phenom ii X3 720 and 2xgtx 460 for "Gaming"
    i didn't though that ram can effect pc speed much.. i mean 4G are a lot.. right ?
  4. is this a good ram that will work with my mobo ? :
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    You will not really notice much difference between 800 and 1066, unless you are running very memory/cpu intensive applications. If you are on a budget I would go with the 800 for $42.99.
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