Is the AMD 7550 X2 CPU bottlenecking my GTS250 video card?

Hi everyone.Just for my curiosity,I"ve overclocked today my videocard to see if it can make some FPS improvement in games.I choose NFS Shift for playing with FPS.
Stock frequencies are:Core clock:680Mhz,Shaders Clock:1630Mhz,Memory clock:1000Mhz(2000 effective)
Overclock profile:Core Clock:750Mhz,Shaders Clock:1800Mhz,I let the memory clock unchanged 1000Mhz.

I played NFS Shift for 10 minutes,same circuit,same car and NO FPS improvement.Avereage FPS in both modes stock and overclocked are the same:50FPS.I used highest settings in game,no antialising and 2xMS,1920/1080 resolution.The ingame GPU core temperature was 68 degrees with stock frequencies and 70 degrees with overclock profile.I used MSI Afterburner for overclocking the videocard.
So is my CPU bottlenecking the videocard,and for that I have no improvement in FPS?Thank you in advance for your answers and excuse my poor english!

LE:The room temperature is 28 celsius degrees.
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  1. you answered your own question. you OC the GPU but it did not increase your FPS. it is probably your CPU, but may also be your RAM. 2GB if fine win Win XP but an extra 1-2GB will help in Vista and Win 7.

    also every game is different so for NFS Shift you do have a CPU bottleneck (most likely) while in other games you may not.

    also, anyone who upgrades one part at a time has a bottleneck somewhere in there system. as long as you can enjoy playing the game, that's all that matters.
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