Need help picking out a 50$ powersupply

i need a power supply ~$50 to run

AMD athlon II x3 440
4gb ddr2
Biostar a770e
7200rpm HDD
Dvd burner
Sapphire Radeon HD 6850

i was thinking

but i dont know if i could get better quality for the price
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  1. Hello,

    Well, as you can read here, the quality isn't really there. It's pretty much the lowest you can have. It will deliver 500 watts, but at an efficiency of 70%, which is not very great for your power bill. Also, you've got a fairly high end video card. You realise that it is your PSU that deliver the power to your GPU ? If under high load it can't keep a stable voltage, performances will drop.
    But for 40$, you can't really get better, or worse.

    Hope this helped,
  2. $43.99 with rebate and $6 discount, nice psu.

    How does this rebate work, I'm from uk, is it money back or a gift voucher type of thing??
  3. you need to mail in the rebate, then wait 6 weeks for a refund check to appear...assuming you sent everything in and no one in the rebate center screwed up.
  4. So this is just a check that you pay into your bank and can spend on anything, not just at Newegg??
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