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I am running Windows XP Spc 3 on my desk top - it has been become very unstable recently, while several systems scans I have run are stating that all sytems have been optimized and are functioning well; although this is far from the truth - while my 180 GB hard drive retains more than 50% of unused space, drive D has only several hundred KBs of space left .......
I suspect that this may be the cause of the poor performance, but I don't know how to reduce the memory in drive D, or how I may possibly roll it over to Drive C, etc. - would be very happy to receive some input on how to solve my problem - thanks. WG
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  1. You can try one of the following.
    1) Select the files you want to move, CTRL+C to copy the files, CTRL+V to paste the files to the C: drive, then go back and delete the files from the D: drive or

    2) Select the files you want to move, CTRL+X to cut (delete) the files and then
    CTRL+V to paste (move) the files to the C: drive.

    Of course you could select the files, right click and hold, and drag them to the C: drive and choose "Move here" from the menu.

    With method 2 you won't have to go back to the D: drive to delete the files. Method 1 is safer and maybe should be used since the system is less than stable.
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