Velociraptor vs. ssd

As the title says, I'm comparing a volciraptor to a ssd. I'm planning on using this drive mainly for game storage but if I have a ton of room I may use it to store other very frequently used applications. Right now I am comparing a 1tb velociraptor for roughly $200 to a corsair gtx 240gb ssd for around the same price. Now I know the ssd will be quickier, my question is, is it worth it for a forth of the capacity for the performance gain? I'm looking for opinions on this so don't be afraid to speak your mind.
My current set up:
Corsair c70 vengence case
Corsair 1200 psu
Corsair 2x 140mm fans
Corsair 3x 120mm fans
Corsair 1x case fan (came with the case) (I have 10 fans in my case, I might list them wrong)
Corsair 1x Ram cooling fans
Corsair vengence RAM 16gb
Patriot High performance Ram 8gb (All RAM speed is 1600)
Asus sabertooth z77 motherboard
Intel i7 3770k @ 3.6Ghz
Antec H2o 920 water cooler
1x 60gb intel ssd> Raid 0 (Primary)
1x corsair 60gb ssd>Raid 0 (Primary)
1x western digital black caviar 2tb 7200rpm hhd
aerocool 2100 fan controller
EVGA gtx 680 superclocked 2gb x2

I'm looking for performance but also quality, performance, and least of all right now storage but wouldn't mind it.
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  1. I would just grab 2 or 3 random drives for that. It doesn't increase your fps and my personal opinion if its not a boot drive an SSD/velo isn't worth the money. You see an increase in the loading times of games but thats it.

    Just not worth the money for the maybe 3 second less loading time.
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    It is worth it for the performance gain. I have 2 Velicoraptors on the shelf gathering dust because even in RAID 0 they could not compete with the SSD I use in their place. All my Rigs and laptops have SSD's and if I use a machine with a HDD I sometimes wonder if it is frozen. I used to argue the Velicoraptor was a good alternative to a SSD but I was wrong.
  3. ^ agree with him.... SSD is the way it should be played
  4. Really? Thats a little surprising. Hes already got two ssds in raid 0 for a boot drive, I would think he should go the way of saving money. I guess I am the odd ball of the group that doesn't really care about loading times?

    Edit: alternatively he could grab the 240 for a boot drive (which would likely be faster than two 60 because of the higher density)

    Then use the additional 120 for games. He would get roughly the same performance and an additional 60Gb of space.
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