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My first post in the forum!
Her it is.
I have a brand new computer with Gigabytes GA-H55-USB3, with i3-540 CPU and 4 GB of Ram.
I run on XP-Pro and I use the video on-board which is fine for me, I guess.
I dont't run games so 3D is not of prime importance for me.
The first question : On an CPU intensive application task manager reports me of only 25% or so f utilisation.
Is there something wrong as I think it should top at 100% most of the time, I guess...No?

Second question : Should I get improved overall performances on general CPU activities if I would dare install a video card?
Or will performances be only on video?

Thanks for answers!

Ron Pilon
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  1. 1: Did you turn off power saving features in the bios?
    Perhaps your intensive application is realy disk intensive. try running prime95 and you should peg out both cores.

    2: the only thing a dedicated graphics card will do for you is free up the portion of ram thats being allocated to the onboard video card. So yes there will be a little improvement but you may not be able to notice it.
  2. Thanks!

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