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I Got a Newegg gift card for Xmas and have decided to use it on a SSD for my rig. My budget is $100 or less. I'd maybe consider one for a few bucks over if it was worth it. After looking around on Newegg, it seems there are a few 90gb or 120gb drives in my price range. I plan on using the drive for my Win 7 (64-bit) install, a few games, and perhaps a few commonly used apps (nothing major or unusually large). I have about 3TB of storage between my other HDDs, so I'll continue to use them for movies, music etc... The list below are the ones that I've been considering, though I'm certainly open to other recommendations. My main concerns are reliability (I'd like the drive to last for a few years, if possible) and speed. My current Win7 install is on a Samsung Spinpoint F3 mechanical HDD, so I'm sure pretty much any SSD will be a noticeable improvement. I'm not sure if this makes a difference, but I currently put my PC to sleep overnight/when at work rather than power down completely (I usually only completely shut down when leaving town for more than a day). I just want to make sure whichever SSD I decide on will not have any issues with this (i.e BSOD). Any advice is sincerely appreciated. Thanks very much.

Drives I'm considering via Newegg:

Samsung 840 (120gb) $99-
Mushkin Enhanced Callisto Deluxe (120gb) $95-
Kingston HyperX 3K (90gb) $95-
Crucial M4 (128gb) $109- (A bit over $100 but I've read very good things about Crucial SSDs so may be worth the extra cost)
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  1. I've pretty much narrowed it down to either the Samsung 840 or the Crucial M4. From what I've read, the M4 may be slightly slower (in benchmarks anyway) than the 840 but almost everything I've read about Crucial's M4 drives reliability is overwhelmingly positive. The M4 is 10$ more, so I just wanted to get some thoughts from the users here or owners of any of the 2 drives on which they prefer. Thanks very much.
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