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I am soon to be getting another computer and an x-box 360 so in total i will have 3 things to be connected to my router.

However my router is out of connections which are taken up by my dads computer, my mums computer and my brothers computer. Is there a way of having multiple connections up in my bed room where I can connect my 2 computers and 1 console to? Like a 3 or 4 way socket which I plug my one cable in?

Unfortunatly I am not very good with names for cables and networks but I do know my computers.

I am just looking for a way to connect 2 computers and 1 console to 1 ethernet port on my router as there is only 1 left...
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  1. Get a network switch.
  2. If you have 3 things in your room, yes just get a cheap network switch. You can probably get a belkin or netgear from Best Buy, Office Depot, or for $20-40. Most new switches have something called auto-mdx that can tell it's plugged into another switch (otherwise, you would need a crossover cable). Then just plug your other devices into the switch.
  3. Get the switch, put it in YOUR room, and keep all the ports for yourself and your devices.

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