Multiple program drives?

So I just finished my build about a month ago. I went with a WD 1tb HDD at first because I wanted the space. I've now saved up enough to get an SSD. My question is would it be possible to have windows and any other programs that I want to have SSD speed on the SSD, and use my HDD as a separate program drive for programs that don't need to be as fast (to save space on the SSD)? Basically, can programs run off a drive that is not the boot/programs drive?

Thanks in advance I hope that makes sense
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    yes, you can :) but you need to re-install all the program to move to HDD, at the first re-install step, it will ask you where to put
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  3. Awesome! Thanks for the quick response and the help!
  4. Keep in mind, that you ever re-install Windows, you'll still have to re-install all of your programs, even the ones that you pointed to other drives.
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