Crossfire set-up advice

Hey guys.... so i am looking to buy a system which is okay for now and which allows me to crossfire later... This is what i have come to in my build...

CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 965BE 3.2
GPU1: HD Radeon 5770
GPU2: Nothing yet
RAM: 2X 2gb 1333 samsung DDR3
PSU: 800W

I am fairly sure it is of decent spec and all compatible etc... I plan on buying another 5770 in a few months time which means i will have to set crossfire up by myself... I have never physically built a pc or played with the insides myself before, so i have looked into what i would have to do and i am just wondering if this is deffinately correct from you guys...

So as far as i know i must...

1. Open case after removing ALL connections from the back and presing power button a few times to dissipate any remaining power.
2. Pop second 5770 into 2nd PCI-E 8x slot
3. Connect crossfire bridge(Where do i get this from?)
4. Close case, reconect, power up and away i go?

From what i understand since all the drivers for the second GPU are the same as the first i do not need to download/uninstall/install any new drivers. Will i have to 'enable' the second card in crossfire or should it automatically start working?

Any other advice/help would be greatly appreciated :) Thanks
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  1. Hello
    Your steps are correct,but make sure that you connect the PSU connectors too :D
    Your motherboard/VGA package should include a Crossfire bridge.
    As for the drivers,although both are the same VGA and you don't need to remove the drivers, but removing it and installing it again is recommended,so that you won't run in to any possible problems.
  2. ^+1
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