RetailPlus+ 465W PSU. Need help!

Hey guys, I have the Acer Aspire M5620 Desktop PC.
And its Industry Standard 250W PSU just died on me, so I found this PSU. The RetailPlus 465W PSU.

So, I'l be straight up with you guys right now. When comes to computers internally, I'm a moron. I'm only good with things that involve physically controlling the computer.

So I hooked up that cord that I believe is the 2x12 input (the really long one, the only long one I believe) into my MOBO. and the other MOBO connector (2x2) which I BELIEVE is in the correct spot, there were no other 2x2 slots, so I figured that's where it went.

But now, I'm left with all of these other cords, and are completely clueless as to what they do.
Or where to put them.

So I have two cord that are semi-attached to one other. They're 1x4's. Or to "draw" it out for you, it looks like this (O O O O). There's two sets of these.

I've also a 2x6 connector. Looks like: O O O

If any of you could help me out, I'd owe you one.

Thanks for now.

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  1. the majority of the four pin connectors from the PSU are 'semi-legacy' molex connectors, and older IDE/CD ROm/DVD drives, and will need them...(the newest SATA drives often have both older molexes and a much smaller SATA power cable, so either will suffice as long as they get power...)

    Depending on the age of your systems graphics card, it might require its own auxilliary power input (3 pins on top of 3) as well....; if your system has no graphics card, this connector will be left dangling in your system with no ill effects..

    Frequently, there will be a supplemental CPU input power connector to supply additional cpu power thru the MB as well, but, you might have already connected it...(two pins on top of 2, two yellow, two black wires...)

    Most Power Supplies will have more than enough spare molexes dangling about....!
  2. if you can, take that PSU back to where you bought it and get something else, preferably a more well known reliable brand. Anything called "retailplus" is asking for trouble. A PSU is not something you want to cheap out on.
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