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Hi, I have had this computer for 3 years now and after i got a virus the computer used to get a BSOD and just Restart. But i have swapped the hard drive (and man was that a pain to install windows) because when ever u try to load a game or try to install windows it will let you sometimes install but otherwise it would just Restart. And sometimes just BSOD saying An Uncorrectable Hardware Error Occured. When you turn on the pc it boots up for 2 sec, then turns off then after 3 secs it turns on. Its a MSI P35 Neo with a Core 2 (core 2 Duo) but windows and the motherboard says its a Core 2 when CPUID says Core 2 Duo E6500..
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    ^ Concur, normally memory problems
    With a 3 year old system, I would first just Remove and reseat the memory modules (bout 2 Xs). Tewo problems with them (a) over time the contacts may develop a small amount of oxide and resesating a couple of times removes this oxite. (b) Due to (1) thermal expansion/contraction and small vibrations one or two contats may no longer be making good contat.

    Also download the memtest86 ISO, burn a This ISO to a CD (Makes a bootable CD) and boot to the CD, run memtest for 4 -> 8 Hours to test your memory. Caution Note, don't just copy the iso to a CD, you must use the "ISO burning function.
  2. What is the make and model of your power supply unit?

    If you have a discrete graphics card what is its make and model?
  3. ive dont all that, when u stick a new hard drive in and try to install windows once its nearly done with Loading Files, BOOM it just restarts, or while watching a video makes a grrrr sound with a BSOD
  4. Yeah, ive done all that, replaced everything, i've always had problems with crappy asian products, especially MSI and shitty Samsung, so yeah.
    i will find something new
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