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I have a computer that I needed to install a new motherboard into. While at it, I upgraded the slow Athlon X2 to an Intel Core 2 Duo E6700. The board that I used is a Gigabyte G41M-ES2L. The board was purchased new from Newegg. The CPU was used (guaranteed working) from eBay. I installed everything, pressed the power button, and all looked great. The machine got past "Verifying DMI Pool Data", and the Green Vista progress bar started. This would show for a couple of seconds, and at that time, the machine would reboot. I tried different RAM, and I tried an old Pentium D 925 that I had. With the different RAM, and the two processors this happened every time. I also used an ASRock board new off of eBay with the Pentium D, and the same result happened. I'm almost sure that something is set wrong. I just don't what. Any ideas???

P.S. With both CPUs, the board showed the CPU model and speed on the black startup screen with white text and the motherboard logo

Any help would be much appreciated
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  1. This is prob a dumb question...but...what version of windows are you running? Most versions are motherboard committed, so if you switch motherboards you have to contact microsoft and get the key working again..
  2. Are you trying to boot into a pre-installed copy of Vista from your old setup?

    If so, you should go for a complete wipe of the OS to rule out any driver conflicts between your old setup and the new one.
  3. @Brennon7 It wasn't a dumb question- the second part has me fixed. I am using Vista Home Premium on the computer I want the board into. I transplanted the board and CPU set into an XP "Test-Bench" computer that I have. With no changes, the XP is working just fine.

    As for Vista, would a clean re-install be best? I use the PC for web design, though, and use Dreamweaver CS3. I have the CD around somewhere, but is there any way to keep Dreamweaver on there without reinstalling?

    What is the best way to approach this?

    Thanks for the Help!
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