Iomega portable hard drive not showing up

Hello, I accidentally placed a heavy item on my portable iomega device and the spinning disk made a noise. I tested and it synced up fine, but then out of nowhere it disconnected and now wont even show up. The power light comes on just fine, it just wont show up.
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  1. Disk platter is probably damaged. Problem is, you can't test it with diagnostic software if Windows won't recognise it, but if it made a noise when you placed a heavy item on it, it will almost certainly have caused some damage.
  2. Perhaps the hard drive inside is not actually damaged, and only the Iomega's case enclosure is damaged.

    I would open it up and try and hook it up to a computer that way.
  3. Thanks guys, I had figured the hard disk is damaged. It still spins when I start it up. I will try and take it apart and see if the enclosure is causing the problem.
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