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Performance Value on upgrade

I am looking to upgrade my system's video card; I can read all the specs until I turn blue but what I am curious about is what kind of performance increase will I see from the following, and will it be worthwhile.

System (current) - no OC
E6850 C2D CPU
4 Gig PC-6400 OCZ ram
Asus 8800GT
Corsair HX650

Contemplating - A 768MB or 1 Gig GF460 (EvGA or Giga)

I know the CPU may be a bit of bottleneck; hence there will be a limit to any real gain from the latest and greatest. Yet will there be a significant increase in gaming quality and FPS.

I use a 23" LCD @ 1900 x 1080.


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    It'll be a significant upgrade.
    At such a high resolution the GPU tends to be more importaint but you are correct, the E6850 will restrict it somewhat.
    So what you do is load up the GPU with eye candy (AA/AF etc) to improve the visuals while still enjoying fairly large improvements in framerates, giving a nice double boost.
    Of course, you CAN overclock the CPU ;) Add a cheap cooler like the Coolermaster Hiper 212+ and it'll run a good deal faster for only a few dollars more.
    The 1Gb card isn faster and at that resolution the extra video memory will be a help, so that would be my choice.
  2. It will be a very large upgrade especially at your resolution. The GTX 460 should be approximately twice as fast. The processor isn't optimal but a dual core at 3.0ghz is still fine in most games. An OC would help though. Even just on the stock cooler you should be able to raise it to around 3.5ghz as long as your motherboard allows for overclocking.
  3. The increase will be tiny, hardly noticeable. Nothing can match the mightiness that is the 8800GT! [:mousemonkey]
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  5. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I decided to pick up a 460 then. Hopefully it will run nicely.

    Nice link Mousemonkey that is a VERY handy dandy page .. kudos.

  6. Mousemonkey said:
    The increase will be tiny, hardly noticeable. Nothing can match the mightiness that is the 8800GT! [:mousemonkey]

    Those were the days,

    Still remember changing out my 7900gt for a 8800gts320 when they very first came out.

    BF2 medium settings at 45 frames to BF2 max everything at 100 frames capped by the game.

    Havnt had a card generation since thats given me a smile like that sucker did.

    To the OP, what games are you playing m8? Some games can be more inhibited by your cpu than your gpu, not many but their are a few.
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