Dell mobo wont go into dual channel memory mode

dell inspiron 531

dell motherboard, model 0RY206

currently, i have 2 identical crucial modules in there, ddr2 pc-5300 1gb sticks. ive tried them in every combination in all 4 banks but cpu-z keeps reading them in single channel mode.

ive popped them into my dell 537mt and they went into dual channel no problem. to be fair, my 537 only has 2 slots, whereas the 531 has 4.

bios is latest, all drivers are latest from dell or manufacturer. pc is out of warranty or id call dell and ask them if this mobo even supports dual channel mode (though everything ive read online indicates it does).

im at a loss. generally im pretty damn good at doing my own tech work but this just has me stumped. the OS is vistax64 also.

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  1. checked out the memory in the BIOS and it shows it in single channel mode. do i have to run 2 pairs (4 sticks) to get it to go into dual channel mode?
  2. I believe only Dell can help you. I understand you're out of warranty but surely there must be a Dell tech forum or some form of e-mail support you can access.
  3. probably.

    i have one last thing to try, and that is filling up all the slots with matched sets. i have a set of avent and kingston sticks im gonna try as soon as the wife goes to her dentist appt.
  4. the dell forums were no good, no one on that board had any clue as to why it wouldnt go into dual channel mode.
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