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External HDD giving problems

Last response: in Storage
January 4, 2013 6:46:41 AM


I have a 2TB external HDD (USB 3.0) that is about at 50% capacity, when I start up the pc (Running windows 8) I pick up the partitions of the drive, but it reads very slowly and also writes extremely slowly, and if I try to write large amounts of data it keeps coming up with the semaphore error. if I turn the power off and on again the disc works fine for a while (reading) but then the writing of data starts the problem again. I have defragmented the disc and ran disc check on the drive but windows doesn't find any problems with the partitions.

is there any utilities that I can use to check the drive with that wont lose any of the data that's on it or cold it be a problem with the external casing itself?

thanks in advance.
January 7, 2013 6:55:09 AM

phil22 said:
test it with the drive maker's diagnostic Windows-based software. Links here:

I ran a diagnostic on the drive and there are quite a few errors on the drive, I done some research on the drive that I have (Samsung HD204UI) and I see there are quite a few posts on similar problems as mine concerning the same drive, and from what I can gather from the other posts I've found on this drive is there is a problem with the firmware on the drive, I've tried flashing the drive's firmware but I have not had any success in doing this, any help would really be appreciated.