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is the core 2 quad processor still available from the retailers?
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  1. Yes, Pricewatch shows a large variety of them...clicking the links will show you the assorted retailers...
  2. it is overpriced though, unfortunately for us socket 775 users.
  3. yeah... all LGA 775 cpu's are overpriced except for the Pentium dual cores (the wolfdale ones)
  4. iam2thecrowe said:
    it is overpriced though, unfortunately for us socket 775 users.

    over priced in terms of when compared to the Core i5, is that what you mean ?
  5. I have an "old" C2QX Q9850... only 4-5 other CPU's are truly better overall then it :)
    if you can find a Core2 cheap its a win win.
  6. Quote:
    in terms that since it is an older technology it should be of lesser price by now.
    but in the tech world people realize how good and valuable the Core2Quad is and was.
    the Core2Quad paired with the right hardware can compete with the newer technology out today.
    I don't see why they make motherboards for C2Q and run DDR3, I think that is dumb,
    DDR2 800MHz or 1066MHz in dual channel mode is still good enough.
    Intel is always a higher price anyways..

    given the scenario of a core 2 quad 9550 paired with a 755 socket SLI motherboard and 8GB RAM with WINDOWS 7 64 bit ,

    what do you think how many years this system will live on compared to the subsequent propagation of core i series by Intel and future technology upgrades?
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