Motherboard with 2 or more PCI slots for core i7 processor

I need to install some engineering-related hardware on the motherboard which is only compatible with PCI slot. I need at least two PCI slots however more than two is highly desirable. I also want to buy the latest motherboard/processor combo. I am looking for any motherboard that supports Core i7 processor and have 2 or more PCI slots. Motherboard may be of Intel, Gigabyte or Asus doesn't matter.
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  1. A few questions:

    Which i7 are you interested in?
    Which generation / socket type? (1156, 1155)
    You said "latest" board/cpu combo, what is your budget like?
  2. There's also FCLGA1366 socket Intel X58 Express Chipset motherboards. These are slated to be superseded by Socket LGA 2011/Socket R at the end of this year or early next year.
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