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Hi everyone,

I built a PC for my aunt not too long ago. I have had many problems with this build, all related to the motherboard. The first mobo I received was damaged in delivery. I sent it back for a replacement with newegg. The second mobo was defective. I sent it back once again. The 3rd mobo I received worked! I thought I was home free, but I was recently mistaken.

My aunt has been using her pc for about 3 weeks now. On wednesday I received a call from her stating that the computer just shut off and will not turn on. No fans were spinning and the led lights on the front of the case were not on. The mobo led, however, was still lit. I thought it could have been the power supply.

This weekend I took the computer home with me and switched out the power supply with one from my computer. Still nothing worked. I tested the power supply on another computer and it worked fine.

My next thought was that it could have been the cpu. I did not think it was the mobo because the last two defective mobos still had the fans spinning and lights on the case on.

I reseated the cpu and reapplied the thermal paste, but it still did not work. When the power button is pressed all the fans and lights go on for about a second and then shut off, but the mobo led is still on.

Could this be the cpu? or is it once again the mobo?

Here is the motherboard and cpu that were purchased.
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  1. It was the CPU. I was able to replace it today and now it works.
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