HDD stopping pc from loading windows?

I wiped the HDD out of my old PC, now when I plug it into my new one, the OS won't boot of of the SSD already in there. If I unplug it and restart it loads up fine. Any ideas?
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  1. Enter the bios and check which drive is selected as boot drive when the old hdd is attached.
  2. I have selected the SSD then the CD/DVD drive, I have disabled the HDD, but the boot overdrive list has the HDD at the top of the list? Don't know how to change that one
  3. *override, won't let me edit my last post :(
  4. Other than boot device selection you should be able to select the order of the hdds/ssds.

    BTW, did you do a clean install of OS or clone the old hdd to ssd?
  5. Yes it was a clean install, the SSD is running win7 Ultimate 64 bit. The HDD WAS running XP.
  6. Okay thanks for your help, but I just switched the SATA cable that the HDD was using, then switched the SATA ports for the HDD and SSD, the HDD is now on port 4, and the SSD is now on port 5, no idea how this helped
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